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Firm Q235 Steel Heavy Duty First in Last Out Single Side Drive in Pallet Rack

Rive-in rack Drive-in racking is designed for the storage of homogenous products. It can accommodate a large number of pallets for each stock keeping-unit. This system makes better use of the available surface and height of space than any other’s. Features & Benefits ◆ High density storage...

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Product Details

Rive-in rack

Drive in rack consists of upright frame, pallet rail, single and double side arm, top beam, back beam, single and double side spacer, big and small top bracing, guide rail, upright protector and so on. Pallet weight is no more than 1500kg. The good stack height on the pallet is no more than 2000mm.

Features & Benefits

◆ High density racking storage system;

◆ Goods access model: first-in-last out and first-in-first-out optional;

◆ Two times pallet storage positions of pallet racks;

Kingmore Products

◆ Use high durable strength steel as the raw material;

◆ Both RAL color code/Galvanized available;

◆ Height adjusted by 50mm/50.8mm/75mm/76.2mm pitch;

◆ Rigid beam connectors;

◆ Adopt automatic welding production process;

◆ Equip with high grade bolts & nuts;

◆ Certification: RMI/CE/ISO/TUV/AS4084-2012

drive in rack drive through shelf.jpg

Drive-in racking (drive-through racking) is a continuous overall racking system; The drive-in racking adopts the pallet access mode, which is suitable for storing single and large quantities of goods;

Compared with pallet racking, drive-in rack can reach about 80% warehouse utilization rate, the space utilization ratio of warehouses can be increased by more than 30%, which is the highest storage efficiency racking sysetm. On the pallet support rails, the pallets are stored one by one in a depth.

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This racking system have great advantages, its  investment cost is relatively low, it is applicable to the large horizontal size, fewer varieties, large quantities, and is commonly used to store large quantities of the same type of goods. Due to its high storage density and high utilization of ground space, it is commonly used in warehouses with high storage space such as cold storage, food, and tobacco.

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If you're interested in our firm q235 steel heavy duty first in last out single side drive in pallet rack, welcome to place orders with our factory. As one of the leading Drive In Rack manufacturers in China, we can assure you that our products are in line with the highest quality standard of RMI, AS4084, FEM, CE, etc. And the customized orders are also welcome.