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Application of radio shuttle rack system in automated warehouse

- May 27, 2018 -

The shuttle rack system is one of the high density storage rack systems. The independently charged shuttle car equipment can use radio remote control to carry the pallet goods and run on the guide rails. Shuttle cargo deep inside the shelf, the shuttle can be used to reach the bottom of the tray, lift the pallet goods from the shelf rails, and the pallet goods are shipped to the front end of the shelf, the forklift can access the goods from the rails. Forklifts can also transport shuttles from rails to rails on other shelves. Under normal circumstances, a forklift can correspond to all shuttles, but it needs to match the length of the roadway, the number of roadways, and the height of the shelves. Shuttle racking systems are long-term and large-volume, small-variety cargo storage. The average usage rate is 90%.

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Shuttle racks are mainly composed of body systems, conveyors, address devices, track systems, alarm devices, and electrical devices.

(1) Body System: The body system is mainly composed of a frame body, a travel driving device, and a decorative cover. The frame body is the main body that carries other components and is mainly made of welded steel. The driving device is mainly composed of transmission shaft, driving wheel and motor.

(2) Conveyor: The conveyor is a material conveying part, which is mounted on the body of the vehicle. The frame is made of steel structure.

(3) Addressing Device: The address device is a positioning signal device for the shuttle car to enter and exit the platform. The address device uses a laser address method.

(4) Rail system: The rail system is composed of a rail part and a stopper, which is the basis for carrying the shuttle car and the guide for walking.

(5) Electrical devices: Electrical devices consist of PLCs, variable frequency drives, photoelectric switches, encoders, barcode readers, and so on.

(6) Remote control and receiving device: A set of remote control devices can control several trolleys through digital frequency modulation, that is, the receiving device and the control device work together through digital pulse coding.

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In the future, there will be huge space for development of shuttle car shelves. Although it is still a semi-automated system consisting of shuttles, shelves, and operators, in the future, shuttle car shelves will inevitably develop into connections with management systems and become automated operations. Systems that operate on the system and can instantly complete the company's entire warehouse operations needs. The scope of application of shuttle car racks:

(1) A large number of samples: food, beverages, chemicals, tobacco and other single varieties of large quantities, relatively single item of the industry;

(2) cold storage operations: reduce the low temperature operating time, improve work efficiency and Operational safety;

(3) Term management: warehouses with stringent requirements for batches of items and requiring first-in, first-out operations;

(4) Increased storage capacity: Warehouses with limited storage space and space utilization.

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The shuttle car racking system has great advantages in terms of utilization of warehouse space, access efficiency of goods, and investment cost of shelves. Of course, in terms of the choice of racking systems, companies should choose suitable warehousing solutions based on their own needs, including the characteristics of stored items, logistics requirements, and so on.

Nanjing Kingmore racking manufacturer has always conducted in-depth research on the application management of various industrial spaces and the management of micro-storage space to meet and solve the problems of space, cost, and production efficiency of various industries. Products manufactured include automated warehouses, shuttle racks, dense storage racks, automated logistics equipment, warehouse shelves, and customers have spread across dozens of countries around the world. Kingmore racking successfully provides shelf system solutions for all walks of life. The industries involved include automobiles and 4S shops, electronic IT, military industry, logistics, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical, and industrial industries. All of them have industrial space management in all walks of life. rich experience.


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