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Five steps to choose a storage racks

- Aug 15, 2018 -

The use of storage shelves makes full use of the warehouse space, increases the warehouse capacity, expands the storage energy of the warehouse, and facilitates the access of goods. Whether you choose storage shelves in the supermarket or in the freight, KIngmore racking tells you to choose the storage shelves Steps.



1. Consider the level of ground bearing capacity of the warehouse itself. This figure needs to be obtained from the contractor. This parameter is very important. If your warehouse has a load of only 1 ton and a shelf load of 5 tons, it will sink or deform, and the weight will even collapse, causing a safety accident. Don't simply consider building a high-end storage rack to save space, but also consider the basic weight of materials stored in high-bay racks.

2. Consider the types of materials on the storage shelves and the containers for the materials. The size of the warehouse shelves needs to be related to the materials or containers carried. The size can be customized. The recommended size is given by the shelf supplier. On the one hand, it is relatively professional. On the other hand, if there is a problem, some of the responsibilities can be shared.

3. Consider warehouse rack loading and unloading equipment. Now that you have the equipment for the shelf, if you have it, you need to consider the radius of the device, the width of the device and so on.

4. Consider the inbound and outbound form and storage time of the stored materials. There may be a variety of materials with different storage times in the warehouse. This requires consideration of the form or storage of the warehouse, in order to find a storage shelf that is truly suitable for high space utilization. For example: drive-in shelves, adjustable pallet racks, rolling shelves, mobile shelves, and ordinary high-bay shelves. If you choose such storage shelves, you may need to invest in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow-track forklifts.

5. Consider the layout of the factory shelves. Many companies only pay attention to the space utilization problem of shelves when building shelves, but ignore the logistics concept. Pay great attention to the fluidity of the materials after the storage shelves are built. Because of the different layouts, the dimensions of the shelves, load-bearing, loading and unloading equipment, etc. may all be different.


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Kingmore Racking is a modern enterprise which incorporates product development, design, production, sales and service. We continue to introduce advanced foreign technology and design concept, and constantly improve all-round integrated services capabilities, such as overall planning of storage system, design of experiments, profiles rolling, sectional material rolling, surface powder coating, installation and packing.


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Our products includes: Pallet rack (beam rack), Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform, Live rack, Carton flow rack, Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving, Drawer rack, Movable archive shelving, Rivet rack, Stack rack and Work apparatus and other related storage equipment.


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