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How to choose and purchase storage racking system

- May 26, 2018 -

First, the purchase process of the racking system:

The purchasing process of the racking system mainly includes: the demand side puts forward the warehouse racking system requirements - the supplier makes the plan design selection - the plan discussion and optimization - the plan rationality, the optimization degree evaluation - the quotation - the supplier selection - - Contract signing - detailed technical design of shelf systems - shelf system manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging, etc.) - shelf system installation - acceptance.

The demand side's requirements for the warehouse racking system should generally include: warehouse plan, specifications (units), characteristics, weight of the goods, specifications of the unit pallets, stack height and loading capacity, and access methods (manual access, mechanical access , automated access) and access equipment, storage requirements, frequency requirements for entry and exit, management system requirements, control methods, etc.



Second, the classification of shelf system

1. According to whether the shelf is fixed or mobile, it can be divided into:

(1) Fixed shelves: Fixed shelves can be subdivided into shelf-type, pallet-type, through-type, gravity-type, press-in, loft-style, steel platform, cantilevered, mobile, drawer-type, and leg-type shelves, etc. .

(2) Mobile shelves: Mobile shelves can be subdivided into mobile racks and rotating racks. Mobile racks can be subdivided into light and medium-sized mobile racks (also known as shelves, divided into manual and electric), and heavy Tray-type mobile shelves, rotary shelves can be subdivided into two types: horizontal rotating and revolving shelves.




2. According to the overall structure of the shelf is welded or assembled, can be divided into:

(1) Welded shelves. (2) Assembled shelves. At present, most of the domestic use of assembled shelves.


H beam cantilever rack_副本.jpg


3. According to the connection of shelf system and warehouse building structure, it can be divided into:

(1) Library shelf is a type of shelf. The shelving system and the roof of the building form an integral whole, and the roof pillars directly support the roof loads, and the building envelopes (walls) are installed on the pillars on both sides.

(2) Separation of structural shelves. Shelving systems and buildings are two separate systems with no direct connection to each other.


 搁板式货架 (2)_副本.jpg


4. According to the load capacity of each shelf, it can be roughly divided into:

(1) Lightweight shelves: The load per layer is not more than 200kg.

(2) Medium shelf: 200-500kg per load.

(3) Heavy-duty shelves: The load per layer is more than 500kg.

5. According to the height of the shelf is divided into

(1) Low shelf: height less than 5m.

(2) High shelves: height 5~12m.

(3) Super high shelves: 12m or more.




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