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How to ensure the safety of steel platform?

- May 27, 2018 -

The steel platform can be designed as a single layer or multi-layer according to the actual site and specific requirements, and the multi-layer is generally 2-3 layers. Unlike other types of storage shelves, the steel platform will have people or vehicles walking around as shelf manufacturers. We will also pay more attention to the safe use of shelves.

steel platform_副本.jpg


1.The steel platform should be provided with limited license plates, especially for steel platforms with hydraulic lifting platforms. It is also necessary to mark the limited load in prominent locations.

2. The shelving point and upper pulling point of the steel platform must be located on the building and must not be placed on scaffolding or other construction facilities. The supporting system must not be connected to the scaffolding.

3. Concrete slabs with steel platform shelving points should be embedded and bolted to the platform.

4. The horizontal angle between the steel wire rope and the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

5. The tensile strength of beams and columns at the top of the steel platform shall be checked to ensure the safety of the building and the platform.

6. When using a steel platform, use a snap ring. Do not hook the hook directly to the platform rings.

7. When the steel platform is installed, the steel wire ropes should be hung with special hooks. When the other methods are adopted, the buckles shall not be less than three. The sharp angle mouth of the building shall be lined with cushions at the wire ropes, and the steel platform outer ports shall be slightly higher than the inside.

8. Protection fences need to be installed around the steel platform, and if necessary, a seine network must be installed to prevent people or cargo from falling.


In the above points, as a shelf company, these issues will be taken into account when planning for customers. However, customers need to put forward their own requirements before the shelf manufacturers plan for other issues related to safety in the use of steel platforms, so that they can combine shelf companies. Experience and technology ensure the feasibility of the program.



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