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How to judge the quality of storage shelves?

- Jul 20, 2018 -

After the installation, the heavy-duty shelves are mainly signed from the following aspects:


1, The materials of the shelves are generally cold-rolled steel profiles, preferably the national standard, but few manufacturers with national standards (mainly price issues), most The simple way is to follow an agreement with the two parties to carry out an experiment. The material of the shelf should be the best in the SS400 steel of Baogang original factory and Shanggang No. 1 factory. There seems to be no strict and complete shelf industry standard in China, and there are not many shelves that can meet the European FEM shelf standards.


2, The structure of the shelf, the shelf column should see if the section of the bend is more and even, the shelf is about more uniform and symmetrical structure is better. The beam of the shelf depends on the hook structure of the beam and the form of the beam hanging to the column: the hook of the beam should be better, and the more the force is about; the hook of the beam is hung on the column to see if the contact between the hook and the column is Tight and consistent, the inner side of the hook should be tightly spaced from the side of the column so that the structure is stable and durable.




3, The surface treatment of the shelf, the surface treatment of the shelf surface should be uniform and have strong adhesion, whether the surface of the shelf is evenly sprayed depends on whether there is any omission in the inner edge of the shelf column hole, and it can be tapped with a hard object during inspection. If it falls off easily, it indicates that the shelf is easily rusted.


4, The welding process, must look at the even and full solder joints (the best fish scales), no indirect, no leakage welding.




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