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How to prevent the safety problems of storage racks?

- Jun 24, 2018 -

1 Correct selection and use of racks, rational planning of layout and design of storage space.

Combining the current market environment and application requirements, two requirements should be taken into consideration when selecting racks. According to the characteristics of the goods and the quality of the shelves themselves, a suitable load-bearing shelf should be selected according to the weight of the stored items, which is in compliance with the requirements of the use. Next, to save costs, but also take into account the weight, life and safety of the shelf itself, when the purchase, you need to compare the shelves, choose a reliable, stable performance of the shelf, can not be overloaded during use, especially the high shelf, Can't overload.

Reasonable planning of storage space layout is also closely related to day-to-day security operations. It is conducive to the safe and complete storage of warehouse storage materials. It will help reduce the workload of warehouse operators and reduce unnecessary duplication of work. The rational layout of the warehouse is also conducive to the smooth flow of various channels to ensure the passage of various personnel in the warehouse and the safety of operations.

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2 All protective, preventive measures and equipment must be taken and applied (firefighting measures are also very important. The subject here will skip this one)

Such as the use of protective fences; the use of grids or blocks on shelves to avoid falling trays, causing serious consequences; safety training for personnel should be timely and in place, and landing, not just verbal, formalism. If the material plane height of the other side can not exceed 2.5 meters, to prevent dumping wounding; shelf items should always check the stability, to prevent falling objects hurting the height; the loading and discharging process of the forklift should be based on the characteristics of the goods to operate smoothly to prevent tilting and falling injury People, as well as the correct and safe use of equipment.

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3 Timely replacement of old shelves

Storage shelves are generally made of metal, have a certain weight bearing strength, withstand the pressure of the goods. In many cases, although storage shelves do not need to pay attention to appearance as much as other products, stability, process problems, and use time have gradually become the most concern for consumers who purchase storage racks. Everyone knows that any product has a period of use. If it exceeds this limit, it will easily lead to a variety of problems. If you do not pay attention to it, you may cause problems in your life.

There are many factors that affect the shelf life of storage racks, such as the temperature, humidity, light, and ventilation conditions of the warehouse. For example, if the humidity of the warehouse is too large, it will cause the rack to rust, reduce the load-bearing capacity of the shelf, and reduce the service life. So what aspects should be started to extend the shelf life of storage rack factories? Combine many years of experience to summarize a few aspects and hope to help everyone.


a .Apply protective lacquer regularly to reduce rust. Do a good job of routine inspections. Loose areas must be fixed in a timely manner. Ventilate in a timely manner to ensure that the warehouse is not excessively humid.

b. Avoid excessive sunlight exposure, reasonably ventilate shelves, and prevent wet goods from being placed on shelves. Drain and dehumidify as much as possible.

c. According to different shelves, channel widths and delivery tools with a set of anti-collision columns. Set up crash barriers on the light shelves of the channel.

d. The weight of the goods placed on the shelf must be within the weight of the shelf. Warehouse clerk is better to carry the load-bearing limit load sign on the shelf. To follow the principle of light weight on the shelf, that is, the bottom weight, high-level light.

e. Heavy-duty and high-level shelf warehouses must be equipped with power-lift trucks. The use and operation of the lift-up vehicles must only be operated by licensed personnel. Most of the storage rack pillars were deformed due to non-designated personnel using the elevated vehicles.

f. Regulate the use of shelves. Different warehouses, different goods, each warehouse has different shelves.


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