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What are the advantages of different types of dense storage shelves?

- Jul 21, 2018 -

Dense storage shelves are widely used. The main areas of use are the chemical industry. There is no good or bad, only applicable or not applicable. Enterprises must carefully consider the choice of dense storage shelves, because there are many types of dense storage shelves, each different shelf use effect is not the same, so be careful to choose, in case the purchase shelf practical value is not high. Now let's take a look at what kinds of shelves are there and what advantages they have.


First, the drive-in rack


This type of shelf is the most widely used shelf in the enterprise, with low cost, simple structure and high practical value, especially suitable for use in the beverage and tobacco industries.


picture of drive in rack project (1)_副本.jpg

Second, push back rack


Press-in shelves work mainly at one end and do not require access to the shelves. Such storage speeds are far better than drive-in shelves, and this feature of push-in shelves is more suitable for more limited warehouse space.


The press-in shelf is simple in design, stable in structure, and has no requirements for storage personnel, reducing the error. If its structure is unstable, it will definitely knock the shelf down during storage, causing a lot of trouble.



Third, gravity flow rack or live rack


The gravity-type rear shelf space is relatively spacious and has a high usage rate, which is suitable for uniform cargo. Because there are import and export ports on both sides of the shelf, this can be easily used and continuously supply goods.



Fourth, Radio shuttle rack


Shuttle shelves have many advantages of dense storage shelves, are less demanding than walk-in shelves, are more efficient than other shelves, and have a wider range of applications. Gravity shelves can realize automatic transportation of goods, solve intensive problems, and can select and enter functions according to actual storage conditions. Such shelves are the best shelves in the enterprise and can improve work efficiency.



Five, heavy mobile shelves


Heavy-duty mobile shelves can store goods continuously and can be accessed at will, which is very suitable for warehouses with high storage density, so that customers can access goods.



The above describes different types of dense storage shelves. Enterprises want to realize the dual benefits of function and economy. They must make serious choices. It is best to choose according to the needs of product storage. If you simply pursue the type of shelves, you cannot solve the products. The opposite of storage problems may be more effective.

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