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What are the classifications of shelf shelves?

- Jan 08, 2019 -

Shelf-type shelves are usually manual access, assembled structure, layer spacing is evenly adjustable, goods are often loose parts or not very heavy packaged items for manual access, shelf height is usually below 2.5m, otherwise It is difficult to reach by hand, such as a climber, it can be set at about 3m. The shelf length of the unit shelf should not be too long, and the depth of the unit shelf should not be too deep. According to the load capacity of each layer of the unit shelf, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf shelves. The laminates mainly include steel decking and wood decking two kinds.


Classification of shelf shelves


1. Light duty decking shelf:


The load capacity of each unit shelf is not more than 200kg, and the total load is generally not more than 2000kg. The unit shelf span is usually no more than 2m, the depth is not more than 1m (more than 0.6m), the height is generally less than 3m, the common angle is the steel column shelf structure, the appearance is light and beautiful, mainly suitable for storing light and small items. It has low capital investment and is widely used in electronics, light industry, culture and education industries.


light duty rack_副本

2. Medium duty decking shelf:


The load capacity of each unit shelf is generally between 200 and 800 kg, and the total load is generally not more than 5000 kg. The unit shelf span is usually no more than 2.6m, the depth is no more than 1m, and the height is generally within 3m. If the unit shelf span is less than 2m and the layer is within 500kg, it is usually suitable to select a beamless medium-sized shelf type shelf; if the unit shelf span is more than 2m, generally only the beam type medium decking shelf can be selected.

Compared with the beam-type medium-sized shelves, the beamless medium-sized shelves have more room-to-room spacing, are more stable and beautiful, and have better coordination with the environment. They are more suitable for warehouses with higher cleanliness requirements; Medium-sized shelf-type shelves are more industrial-intensive and more suitable for storing metal structure products. Medium-sized shelf-type shelves are used in a wide range of applications.



3. Heavy duty decking shelves:


The load capacity of each unit shelf is usually between 500~1500kg. The unit shelf span is generally less than 3m, the depth is less than 1.2m, the height is not limited, and it is usually combined with heavy pallet racks. The lower layers are stacked. For plate type, manual access work, the part with a height of 2m or more is usually a pallet rack, and the forklift is used for access work. It is mainly used in some cases where both full access and zero storage are required. It is more common in large warehouse supermarkets and logistics centers.



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