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Firm Steel Structure Steel Platform System For Warehouse Storage

1.Introduction: The structure of modern steel structure platforms is diverse and functions are readily available. The biggest feature of its structure is a fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design and widely used in modern storage. The engineering structure made of steel is usually...

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The structure of modern steel structure platforms is diverse and functions are readily available. The biggest feature of its structure is a fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design and widely used in modern storage. The engineering structure made of steel is usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other components made of steel and steel plates, etc. Each part is connected by welds, screws or rivets.

What are the composition of steel platform shelves?

Composition: The platform structure is usually composed of planks, primary and secondary beams, columns, and ladders, railings, etc.





 How are the steel platform shelves classified?

According to the use requirements, it can be divided into indoor and above-floor platforms, under static load and dynamic load platforms, auxiliary production platforms, and medium and heavy-duty operation platforms.

According to the different methods of support, the platform structure can be further divided into:

Platforms that rest directly on the tripods or bovine legs of the plant pillars are usually functioned as safe passages or as a simple medium-sized operating platform.

One side is supported on a building pillar or building wall, and the other side is equipped with an independent pillar platform.

Platform supported on large devices.

For platforms subject to relatively large dynamic loads or heavy equipment, it should be designed to be detached from the plant pillars and directly supported on an independent column.





Under what conditions do you need to order a steel platform shelf?

a. Satisfy the requirements of process production operations and ensure the clearance of the traffic and operation. The net height of general traffic should not be less than 1.8M. Generally, protective railings should be installed around the platform. The height of the railing is generally 1M. When the platform height is greater than 2M, a skirting board with a height of 100-150mm should be installed under the protective railing. The platform should be provided with ladders for passage up and down. The width of the ladder should not be less than 600mm.

b. In addition to meeting the requirements for use in determining the plane dimensions, elevations, grillage and column grid layout of the platform structure, the arrangement of beams and columns should also take into account the equipment loading on the platform and the location of other large concentrated loads and large-diameter industries. Hanging pipes, etc.

c. The layout of the platform structure should strive to be economically reasonable, and the force of transmission should be clearly defined. The layout of the grid should be adapted to its span. When the span of the beam is large, the spacing should also be increased. Make full use of the allowable span of the planking and rationally arrange the grid to achieve better economic results.




4.Steel platform shelf maintenance

1). the steel platform should be set to limit the license.

2). The shelving point and upper pulling point of the steel platform must be located on the building and must not be placed on scaffolding or other construction facilities. The supporting system must not be connected to the scaffolding.

3). Concrete slabs with steel platform shelving points should be embedded and bolted to the platform.

4). The horizontal angle between the steel wire rope and the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

5). The tensile strength of beams and columns at the top of the steel platform shall be checked to ensure the safety of the building and the platform.

6. When using a steel platform, use a snap ring. Do not hook the hook directly to the platform rings.

7). When the steel platform is installed, the steel wire ropes should be hung with special hooks. When the other methods are adopted, the buckles shall not be less than three. The sharp angle mouth of the building shall be lined with cushions at the wire ropes, and the steel platform outer ports shall be slightly higher. On the inside.

8). The left and right sides of the steel platform must be fixed as if they were railings and a dense mesh safety net.



5.Packing and shipping:

1).Packaging details: Standard export package. All parts packed by steel belt and covered by plastic film. 

2).shipping time: 3 weeks after receipt of the 30% deposit.




6.Company information:

Now we have two factories in NanJing and Jinhu separately. The total production area is 80000 square meters, with a yearly production capacity of 200000 tons. We have more than 30 sets of rolling production lines, many sets of welding robots and 4 sets of full-automatic powder coating lines. We have been concentrating on racking products for more than 10 years. Our products are widely used in many industries, such as machinery, electronics, automobile, pharmacy, electricity, garment and so on.

Our products includes: Pallet rack (beam rack), Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform, Live rack, Carton flow rack, Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving, Drawer rack, Movable archive shelving, Work apparatus etc.




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------Normally response you within 24 hrs, we will reply you once we saw it.
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-----We can offer service after selling by your requested, and quote for you based upon your demand.

4). You couldn't find the right model from the products list, is custom size available?

-----We will offer the demo sample according to our customer’s request.

5). Free Service time?
----- One year as the normal service time ,as free service offered by us.
6). What’s the packaging of the products?
----- steel belt+plastic film wrapped, easy loading and unloading with standard forklift truck or pallet jack.

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