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China Heavy Duty Mold Rack For Warehouse Storage

1. Product Description: Mold shelf is a kind of shelf, for short: die frame.It’ s the main storage of various molds .According to the floor load capacity to be divided into light mold shelves and heavy mold shelves.The top of the shelf can be equipped with mobile hoist to easily lift the mold....

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Product Details

1. Product Description:

Mold shelf is a kind of shelf, for short: die frame.It’s the main storage of various molds.According to the floor load capacity to be divided into light mold shelves and heavy mold shelves.The top of the shelf can be equipped with mobile hoist to easily lift the mold.




2. Technical Parameters:

1).The post adopts 10#channel steel,diagonal brace of post is 25*25square meters.

2).Rack of backing plate is 50*50 angle iron,board size of backing plate is 2mm iron plate.

3).Sliding chute is made of folding 4mm iron plate.

4).Bearing is model 6403.

5).Bearing capacity:800-1000kg/backing plates. 

6).With overhead crane bearing capacity 800kg.





3. The characteristics of the mold shelf:

(1) The shelf of the mold is also called the drawer type shelf. It is suitable for placing various kinds of molds and mechanical fittings. It can be used by hanging or hand pulling (electric) hoist to access the goods.

(2)It is simple in structure and assembled by a variety of combined components. It is easy to disassemble and easy to be placed and cleaned.

(3)Light operation: the drawer plate adopts the bearing combination, sliding smoothly, pulling freely.

(4)Safety guarantee: the positioning insurance device is equipped, the drawer disk can be locked in the state of static and pull out, and it is safe and reliable.

(5)Convenient adjustment: the number of drawer disks can be arbitrarily increased and reduced, the height can be adjusted at will, the minimum adjustable amount: 75mm;

(6)The carrying capacity is strong. According to the size of the carrying capacity, the shelf can be divided into the standard two column structure and the heavy load three column structure, and the shelf height is generally around 2m.




4. Products show:




5. Our company profile:

Nanjing Kingmore Logistics Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has focused on top quality storage and logistics equipment for over 15 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the racking equipment industry in China.       


Now we have four factories in NanJing and Jinhu separately. The total production area is 80000 square meters, with a yearly production capacity of 200000 tons. We have more than 30 sets of rolling production lines, many sets of welding robots and 4 sets of full-automatic powder coating lines. We have been concentrating on racking products for more than 10 years. Our products are widely used in many industries, such as machinery,electronics, automobile, pharmacy, electricity, garment and so on. Our company website is




6. FAQ:


1) .Q: What is the Shipping Cost?

A: The shipping cost is determined by the destination port, weight, packing size, total CBM of the goods. It is difficult for us to quote the exactly shipping fee without knowing your total quantity of the order and your destination sea port. The freight is varied in different months. We have cooperated with shipping companies for more than 10 years, so we are able to offer the best freight and insurance to you if needed.


2). Q: What is your MOQ?

A: if customer has agent in China to arrange the delivery for you, there will be no MOQ limited, that means customer can order 1 set and the price will be offered as Ex-factory price.


3). Q: What is the Lead Time?

A: Normally it costs 3 weeks once receiving 30% deposit. Kindly please scan bank slip to us after payment.


4). Q: What is the Payment Terms ?

A: 30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of B/L.


5).Q: How could I install the racks?

A: We provide detailed install instruction for every type of shelf. If needed,we can also ask engineers to teach you for free.


If you're interested in our china heavy duty mold rack for warehouse storage, welcome to place orders with our factory. As one of the leading Mold Rack manufacturers in China, we can assure you that our products are in line with the highest quality standard of RMI, AS4084, FEM, CE, etc. And the customized orders are also welcome.