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2017 China Import And Export Fair (Canton Fair) In Guangzhou

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Kingmore’s three sales are attending the first phase of 2017 China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) during 15th-19th, October.

The fair address is No.380 Yuejiang middle road, Pazhou International Exhibition Center, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. Our booth I located in 16.3H24. 

Welcome to visit us in 16.3H24. These are their exhibition pictures for your reference.

 pallet rack canton fair.jpg

Canton Fair is established in Spring, 1957. The Spring fair and the Autumn fair are held in Guangzhou every year. It is the comprehensive international trade chamber with the longest history, the highest level , the largest scale, the most complete commodity type and the best effect.


Canton Fair is dominated by import and export trade. In addition to the traditional trasaction like looking samples, also organized trade fairs on the internet, and carry out economic and technological exchanges, various forms and commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting and other business activities. Customers from around the world gathered in Guangzhou, exchanging business and friendship.


Enterprises of all types should set exhibition purposes according to the specific situation of company and products. It includes the following aspects.


1. Maintaining or setting image of the exhibitors. Exhibitors are both time-saving and labor-saving for building cooperate images. For new companies, attending the fair could help them establish good friendship with customers in short time. They will enter market and would be accepted by same lines. For older companies, they would pay attention to attend professional exhibition with influence and scale so that they could contact with customers more easier and convenient.


2. Increasing understanding of the market, especially professional exhibitors. Exhibitors could learn development , products situation and technology of other lines easier. What’s more, we could know the market requirement from communication with clients. These are more direct and accurate than daily market research.


3. Promoting our company’s products and service. The exhibition is a advertisement and offer a chance for supplier to show their products. In order to enhance customer’s understanding of products and service.  It is easy to accept products for customers.


4. Boosting the sales and deals. Although  time in the fair is very short, in order to communicate with clients directly, most exhibitors hope reach some agreements on the fair. These are their gains from the fair.

 caton fair pallet racking.jpg

Nanjing kingmore Logstics Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd has focused on quality storage and logistics equipment for over 13 years in China. We started as a small suppliers in the racking equipment industry in China. Today, Kingmore has been one of the top producers of quality pallet racking and other racking equipments, such as: drive-in rack, radio shuttle rack, push back rack, cantilever rack, mezzanine, steel platform, live rack, carton flow rack, medium duty shelving, light duty shelving, drawer rack, movable archive shelving and work appratatus.


Kingmore racking is located in Chinese beautiful city Nanjing. As a global supplier in heavy duty, medium duty, light duty racking equipment and related accessories. Kingmore Racking is to create added value for customers around the world.


We supply racking products all over the globe, we have rich experience in large and medium-sized enterprises and supporting service in foreign-founded enterprises.

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