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Brief On Storage Shelf Maintenance

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Brief on storage shelf maintenance

The warehouse shelves are mostly disposable devices, and the conventional use is at least 15 years. Kingmore racking storage shelves have the following experience in storage shelves:


pallet racking (1).png

1. Protection against collision.The most vulnerable parts of the shelves are the channels and the columns of the corner, which are usually crushed by forklifts.Shelf suppliers are provided with a set of anti-collision columns based on different shelves, width and delivery tools.

2. Stress prevention.The shelves of different specifications are made according to the load-bearing design.Therefore, the weight of goods on the shelf must be within the weight of the shelf.The warehouse clerk had better bear the load on the shelf.To follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the shelf, that is to put heavy objects at the bottom and light objects at the top. 


3. Moisture-proof sunscreen.The shelf column and the crossbeam are all metal products, and the surface has the baking varnish, but when the damp is exposed to the sun, the time can rust and affect the service life.The shelf board is mostly planks, the window edge is the most vulnerable to rain, and the planks will become warped after rain. 


pallet racking (2).png

4. It is stipulated that the special person USES the driving car.Both heavy and high shelf storage must be equipped with dynamic driving, and the use and operation of driving vehicles must be operated only by the licensed specialist.Most of the deformations of the shelves are caused by the use of the driving force by non-designated personnel.


5. Specify the size of the standard card board and the size of the goods.


6. Stipulate the system of shelf use.Different warehouses, different goods, each warehouse shelves have different methods.Warehouse managers have to make the system of shelf use, so that each shelf member can learn and obey, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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