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Choose Outsourcing Storage Service Or Not -part 1

- May 14, 2018 -

The warehousing business is different from the transportation business. The transportation simply refers to the end of the basic business of getting the car, sending to the destination, and unloading the goods. The warehousing business is a more detailed work. It is a detailed in one-to-one logistics area that cannot be wrong. All operations must be handled according to the rules. There are standards and procedures for people to manage. 

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It seems that storage, delivery are very simple, but In fact, to run the warehouse, to do is a word: details. Details are very important.The clear identification of the warehouse and the neat stacking of the cargoes are the most basic requirement of warehouse. It is very important to streamline every aspect of the management of the warehouse, and it is necessary to constantly optimize each link, so that reach the most time-saving, the lowest error rate, reduce the risk of each link. Many people in the outside world have the impression that the warehouse is very dirty, messy, paper cartons and surface papers are all over the ground, and the products are disorderly. In fact, to realize the no difference in warehouse goods, timely delivery and delivery, 7S compliance, the most thing you need to do is carefully.
In the large environment, it is said that logistics outsourcing is a major trend.
So under what circumstances do the outsourcing is appropriate?
Customers with high order volatility

Taking a casual food customer as an example, the business volume is mainly concentrated in the second half of the year. The double 11 will continue to New Year's Day. The peak of the four holiday seasons, all fight together, year after year, to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to find people, find cars, find warehouses, etc., all people are worried about fighting this matter.

This situation is mainly due to the high volatility of orders. E-commerce businesses may need to spend relatively large costs and manpower to cope with the peaks of logistics. This situation is recommended for outsourcing. Leave professional things to professional people, concentrate on doing their own main business.
Customers with concentrated working hours

Take an O2O fresh customer as an example. The customer has 4,000 square meters of rented warehouses, with 1,500 daily operations and 2,500 square meters daily. At the peak of orders, it can be used in a full-area manner, while the vacant 1500-level stores some employees' electric vehicles, forklifts, and work tools, and the staffing is relatively compact.

According to one post, the order volume is mainly concentrated in a certain working time period. One day in accordance with the 8 hours of operation, full-load operation can reach 5.5 hours, the rest 2.5 hours basically at rest. Daily equipment configuration 1 fork 4 hydraulic forklift, not enough peak, low peak idle, own 4 vehicles, also exists idle. There is no maximizing performance output in all aspects, and customers themselves are also conscious of maximizing asset efficiency. When the order time is concentrated in a certain period of time, outsourcing is recommended when the operating personnel and facilities do not maximize the benefits.

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