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Considerations For Selecting The Suitable Storage Racking Type

- Sep 12, 2018 -

Storage rackings play a huge role in the logistics and warehousing industry, which can maximize the use of warehouse storage space and expand storage capacity. At present, there are various storage rackings of different materials and different specifications on the market. Customers can purchase them directly, or can require manufacturers to design according to their own needs. Whether buying or customizing, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

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1. The warehouse basic structure

When install a storage racking system, you need to consider the available height of the plant, different locations has different available height, and these available height determine the racking height. In order to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse rackings, most of them are designed as top-level structural, usually, the top layer have a fixed space to the warehouse ceiling. In addition, it is necessary to consider bearing strength and the flatness of the ground. Lastly, you should clear the factory's fire prevention measures installation location, because these installations need to occupy a certain space, when design the racking structure, you need to avoid these spaces. The same considerations, should leave installation space of the lighting facilities.

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2. Related handling equipment

When selecting the storage racking, customers also need to consider the handling equipments for cargo access. The passage between the rackings should be designed to be reasonable enough to meet the free access of the handling equipment and to complete the work of accessing the goods. For example, the most commonly used handling equipment is the stacker, the stacker must be free to in and out the warehouse. The distance between the rackings must be appropriate. Therefore, customers can carry out specific designs according to their existing stacker models.

The specific size of the goods that need to be stored in the warehouse are also one of the factors affecting the design of the racking structure. Because you need to select the right loading capacity rackings according to the corresponding weight of the goods. And the goods quantity effects the racking storage capacity. What needs to be reminded here is that when customers estimate the storage capacity, it is better to consider the changes in future storage requirements, and not only consider the storage capacity that is needed now.

3. The goods access frequency

There are many racking types on the market, and many rackings have strong storage capabilities. However, which kind racking should be selected, customers need to consider their actual storage capacity demands. Different access capacity warehouse have different racking standard, this detail is considered to make the best use of the storage racking, reduce the production logistics cost, and improve the racking utilization.

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