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Daily Maintenance Of Storage Shelves Is Very Important

- Feb 08, 2019 -

The daily maintenance of warehouse shelves is very important. In the process of modern cargo storage, in order to improve the efficiency of cargo access, reduce the loss of goods and save manpower, more and more enterprises use warehouse shelves to manage warehouse layout, in order to let the shelves The service life is getting longer and longer, and the shelf needs to be regularly maintained and maintained.


Several methods of warehouse shelf maintenance.


1. Cleaning of storage shelves: Warehouse shelves are generally placed in warehouses. There are not many dusts and stains. Try not to wash them directly with water. You only need to wipe them regularly, clean them, and the main parts such as screw joints will cause the outer paint to fall off. Anti-rust and touch-up treatment is carried out to extend the service life of the storage shelves, avoiding the occurrence of safety accidents due to rusting of the shelves and loosening of the joints.


2. For shelves that require mechanical friction, such as gravity shelves, mold shelves, etc., you need to refuel or change oil on time, and continue to oil. Regularly check the shelf drawers and rollers to extend the service life.


3. Obey the operating procedures, do not overload the equipment, put the goods at the bottom when the goods are placed in the lower part, to prevent the shelves from falling due to the top-heavy. The safety mechanical protection device of the equipment is safe and reliable, and professional personnel are regularly sent to carry out safety inspections to eliminate unsafe factors in time.


4. The layout of the warehouse shelves is reasonably arranged, the fire protection facilities are complete, the channel width is sufficient, and the lighting is guaranteed. For the case where the stacking height of the goods is large and the goods are scattered, the protective net and the shelf barrier can be added to prevent the goods from falling.

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