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Do You Know What Type Of Shelves Are Heavy Shelves?

- Feb 06, 2019 -

The beam-type shelves of the main and sub-frame combinations are typical heavy-duty shelves. This kind of storage shelf, which is oriented with cold-rolled steel as the material, is a kind of three-dimensional shelf used in the traditional warehousing of general enterprises. The combination of them is sensitive, the warehouse is suitable for environmental strength, and it is suitable for the access and use of mechanical equipment such as forklifts. Heavy-duty shelves are customized according to the customer's storage requirements. The unit load is generally controlled in several tons. It is one of the preferred shelves for manufacturing and deliberate warehousing and logistics enterprises.


Narrow roadway shelves for heavy-duty shelves. The narrow roadway shelf is attributed to the improved plan of the beam-type shelf, which is attributed to the high-end shelf, also known as the narrow-lane shelf. The difference with the beam type shelf is that the action rail of the "three-way stacking forklift" is installed at the bottom of the shelf. The shelf system's stacking channel width is slightly larger than the width of the pallet item, and high-density storage requirements are completed. Together with the full advantage of the beam-type racking system, all materials stored in the racking system are 100% optional, and the forklift can store any pallet item at any time.

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The cantilevered shelves are divided into medium and heavy. Cantilevered shelves can be better optimized because of the style of special general storage shelves. Heavy-duty cantilevered shelves are used to store long materials and related products, usually handled directly by forklifts. Such shelves can be divided into single cantilever and double cantilever type, and the single arm can carry up to 500kg and above. In the case of joint reinforcement, it is possible to accept the force of 2000~3000kg.


Others, depending on the characteristics of the load, heavy-duty cross-stacks, heavy-duty loft-style shelves, etc. can be regarded as the boundaries of heavy-duty shelves. When custom processing these shelves, we should carefully plan the shelf plan according to the customer's needs and choose relativity. Steel materials, etc., it is possible to produce a very good heavy-duty shelf that meets the purchaser's use.

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