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General Maintenance Tips For Warehouse Rack

- Mar 06, 2018 -

First, choose the right storage shelves, goods can not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of storage shelves. Therefore, enterprises should choose according to their product features, or add the form, the goods are usually heavier, then generally choose heavy shelves to carry the goods, and vice versa. Because each shelf has its own maximum carrying capacity, so the use of goods can not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the shelf.

Second, choose dark to adapt to the size of the shelves of goods. In the use of warehouse shelves, we must pay attention to the size of the goods, the size of the goods is too large, the corresponding shelf size is too small, forcibly put into the shelves will cause a certain amount of damage, while the general size of the pallets and cargo should be less than The size of the shelves 100mm. The length and breadth of goods is one of the factors that affect the use of shelves.

Third, we must comply with the principle of placing the goods. For high-shelf should be placed relatively light items, and for the lower shelf can be placed on the heavier items, but also to comply with the principle of placement, you should first lower the shelf items, and then put up high-rise items.

Fourth, the handling of goods to be gently. In the process of handling goods must remember gently, to avoid unnecessary impact on the shelf or bump, to maintain the balance of the shelf stable.

Fifth, pay attention to moisture. During the use of shelves must pay attention to moisture, otherwise it will cause shelf corrosion, resulting in shelf off the skin and oxidation. The general method of moisture is that the shelves in the damp must use a dry rag to dry it, in particular, pay attention to the location of the shelf interface.


Maintenance of storage shelves is very important, the maintenance of storage shelves shelf can not only extend the service life, but also can save costs.


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