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How Mezzanine Racking Work

- Apr 16, 2018 -

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Many people want to use solid shelves in their warehouse, but actually they don’t know more about their actual demands. Such as it supposed to be more appropriate to use mezzanine racking, but they used the heavy duty racking, not only increase the storage costs, but also can’t meet the actual storage requirements. Do you know what is mezzanine racking?

Mezzanine racking have more platform extension and shelf action. Having a more open overall structure makes it more advantageous in terms of storage adaptability.
Mezzanine shelves can be modeled as platform-based shelves, they also can be designed to be shelf-based. It depends on the composition and quantity of major goods.
Commonly, mezzanine shelf adopts the heavy and medium shelves as the supports, then equip with different materials flooring, to form a basic shelf system. Goods can be stored on the floor directly, or we can design a simple racking system in the second floor to meet the storage demands. Mezzanine shelves can be made in large areas or in small areas. Considering to the loading capacity and materials selection, we can classify it into medium duty mezzanine and heavy duty mezzanine.


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The floor panel of the mezzanine shelf is mainly cold-rolled steel floor slab, pattern steel floor slab and steel grille floor slab. In recent years, we mainly use cold rolled steel floor slabs as the mezzanine flooring. It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, smooth surface and easy locking. It also has many types of options, easy to match the lighting system. It is convenient for access and management.


As a new type of platform-shelf storage system, the mezzanine shelf has good access characteristics. It has both flat and three-dimensional space utilization features. It can be made into a 2-3 story levels, which can make better use of the limited warehouse space. It have a special advantage on the access of small goods and light foam goods, very convenient for manual storage. In daily warehousing activities, goods are usually delivered to the second and third floors by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevators, then transported to a location by a light trolley or hydraulic pallet truck


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