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How To Choose The Required Shelves / Racking Type

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Choose the shelves / racking should consider the type, size, weight and quantity of the stock products.

light angle steel shelves.jpg

Lightweight, bulk and various types of products commonly stored in the light angle steel shelves. Carton and box storage products are mostly stored in medium-sized shelves or three-column shelves. The shelf length is from 1.2 meters to 2.5 meters. A single layer can hold multiple boxes and turnover boxes.

attic platform.JPG

The attic platform (mezzanine platform) is mainly used to store irregular products, packaging large but light weight products. The storage area demand of such products is larger, but the attic platform is a floor built on the original ground, which greatly saves the storage area and improves the space utilization rate in the vertical direction of the warehouse.

double levels mezzanine rack.jpg

The double levels mezzanine rack is mainly used for parts storage and small items distribution library and parts warehouse. Heavy duty rackings are mainly used in the electronic industry, paper industry and various industries.

When using the shelf, it is necessary to pay attention to the loading capacity of the shelf. Do not overload! It is best to load after determining the weight of the products.

Supermarket shelves.jpg

The display shelves should not show too heavy products. Supermarket shelves are mainly used to display products. Angle steel shelves are mostly used to store accessaires, lighter-weight products. It's main advantages are convenient to store and find products, simple assembly and favorable price.

Medium duty shelf.jpg

Medium duty shelf is mainly used for storing boxes and slightly larger goods. Manual access to goods, shelf structure is simple, commonly use steel or wood splint as the panel. It is widely used in large and medium-sized warehouses, production workshops and storage rooms.

heavy duty racking.jpg

Heavy duty racks are used for large amounts of storage, pallet packed products. It can save space in the vertical direction of the warehouse, have a large storage capacity and a large loading capacity. When requesting a warehouse racking system, you should provide the information includes: warehouse plan drawing, pallet size, weight, unit rack load requirements, access methods (manual, mechanical, automation) and access equipment (material handling tools), storage requirements, access frequency Requirements, management system requirements, control methods etc.

The light shelf is also a kind of warehouse storage shelf (Long span shelving). It is distinguished and named according to the loading capacity. According to this division principle, the weight of light shelves in all storage shelves is small. Usually shelf load ≦150kg / layer (most of the shelf load is calculated based on the loading capacity of the layer).

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