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How To Choose The Storage Shelf That Suits You?

- Mar 06, 2019 -

Storage shelves are a kind of three-dimensional storage equipment. After years of development, the storage shelves have been diversified and not single. So how do you buy a storage shelf that suits your company?

From the perspective of the warehouse structure. Most of the shelves are used in warehouses. The property of the warehouse affects the standing of the shelves. The height of the warehouse needs to match the height of the shelves. The highest position of the shelves must be more suitable for the highest position of the warehouse. In addition, for the storage conditions For relatively complex warehouses, it is necessary to plan the site where the shelves are located in advance and coordinate design with other facilities. Whether the ground bearing performance of the warehouse meets the standards, and the warehouse floor can carry all the pressures under the condition of maximizing loading.


Storage shelves must ensure the storage of goods. The basic attributes of the goods are of specification and weight, and the qualified shelves are to be manufactured and commissioned according to these attributes of the goods. The size of the goods determines the size of the pallets used and whether the shelves can be placed tightly. Shelf load-bearing shelf can meet the ability of the entire cargo. If the evaluation is not enough, it will easily lead to the failure of the shelf in design and manufacture.

The storage method of the goods and materials determines which storage shelf is suitable for this choice. In the warehouse, the way of accessing and sorting goods is not the same, some are first-in-first-out, and some are advanced and out. Some goods have a lot of manual participation, and some goods are mechanized to a higher degree. This requires selecting the shelves in the initial stage of procurement according to the situation and selecting the shelves that are suitable for their storage.


Finally, when purchasing storage shelves, we also need to purchase according to the storage density of the goods. Some companies have a large number of goods, while the basics of some units are the opposite. Different shelves also match these attributes accordingly. If the used shelves are not suitable, it is likely to cause waste of resources, and the procurement cost is not cost-effective.

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