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How To Design Warehouse Storage Racks Drawing?

- Mar 07, 2019 -

The shelf is for the goods. The size of the goods determines the size of the shelf. When we do the shelf design, we must first consider the structure of the plant, and then consider the weight, volume, and various types of the goods, and then select the column and beam. Parameters of materials such as laminates. The general warehouse mainly adopts the following shelf design situation;


1. Mezzanine floor shelves; when the goods are scattered, each layer is stored for about 200 kilograms. When the surface is small and the height is allowed, we first consider making two-storey or three-storey loft-style shelves. Such as: auto parts warehouse, machinery parts plant, etc., and 4S shops are generally in the urban area, the land is relatively tight, the proportion of the attic shelves is very high.

(1) , reserved tally area in the purchase port;

(2), reserved office area and issue port;

(3) ,pay attention to avoiding downpipes and fire hydrants;

(4), H-beam or cement column for rational use. Due to the strict requirements on the size of the Mezzanine floor shelves, the general safety clearance is 10-15cm. At the time of design, it is necessary to pay attention to the above problems.


mezzanine 2_副本

2, The beam shelf; when the whole package of goods exceeds 500 kg, you need to consider using the forklift truck with the tray to be placed on the beam shelf. Generally, large-scale factories use more beam shelves. Before designing the beam shelf layout, you need to understand the following issues. ;


(1), The size and size of the goods, the size of the goods to choose the size of the shelf.


(2), The weight and size of the single package item, select the tray;


(3), Determine the height of the shelf according to the height of the cargo and the lifting height of the forklift.



At present, the most common loft-type and beam-shelf design considerations seem simple, but it is very important. It determines whether the shelf design is reasonable, whether the material is wasted, whether it meets the requirements of the warehouse, and it also plays a decisive role in the order rate.

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