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How To Get A Ticket Of 2018 Hannover CeMAT

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Hannover International Logistics Exhibition ( CeMat ) is the world's largest and most influential logistics exhibition, it has been successfully held for 8 times so far. The exhibition brings together the world's leading logistics technology and equipment companies as well as today’s frontier technology, innovative ideas and service concepts in the logistics field.

In order to adapt to the growing international logistics industry and meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors, the organizer Hannover Messe has changed the show from once every three years to two years since 2014.

The Hannover International Logistics Exhibition has become the focus of attention in the international logistics market. It provides an international platform for exhibitors, professional visitors and buyers from all over the world to understand the frontier of the industry, learn the latest technology, and establish communication with a large number of industry experts and top policy makers.
How to get a ticket of Hannover CeMAT?

Step 1:

Ask us for the complimentary ticket link or ticket code!

Step 2:

CeMAT (1).jpg

Step 3:

CeMAT (2).jpg

Step 4:

CeMAT (3).jpg

Step 5:

CeMAT (4).jpg

Step 6:

CeMAT (5).jpg

Finally, you will get a ticket like below:

CeMAT (6).jpg

Range of exhibition

Industrial trucks, mechanical handling equipment, lifting equipment, cranes, lifting platforms, parallel lift tables, continuous material handling for single or bulk materials handling systems, logistics control systems, handling and storage equipment, unmanned transport systems and related components, accessories And related components, etc.;

Logistics management equipment, hardware, software systems, logistics services, deployment, order processing and packaging equipment;

Information and communication services, navigation and itinerary picking and warehousing services, distribution, packaging equipment and smart labels, radio frequency identification technology (RFID), automatic identification and data capture; Logistics sites, real estate and equipment, financial services, consulting, etc.

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