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How To Prevent And Clean The Rust On The Shelf

- Dec 07, 2018 -

Steel shelves are durable and wearable, but steel products will rust after a long time using. Once they are rusted, the iron will be corroded and it will easily break down. So if the surface of the steel shelf is rusted, how should the rust be cleaned?

Before sharing the method of removing rust, let's share with you the method of avoiding rust on the shelf. After all when the shelf is rusted, even it is cleaned, the products already have blemish. In fact, the fundamental measure to prevent rust on the shelves is to prevent moisture and humidity. Below we share the moisture prevention methods for the shelves:

1. Try not to keep the warehouse door open,

2. Regularly check whether the shelves for water droplets accumulation,

3. Use a dry cloth to wipe the water droplets on the surface of the shelf and keep the shelf surface dry.

Besides, the moistureproof work cannot be completely rely on the maintenance management. The warehouse shelf design and the warehouse maintenance deign are also important, such as:

1. Consider the different climates in the different regions to do the warehouse outside deign,

2. Warehouse should form a whole airtight;

3. Optimize the warehouse drainage and leakage repair, as well as the warehouse maintenance management. 

4. Regularly measure the humidity, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, etc. inside and outside the warehouse.

The acid paste can be used to remove the rust on the storage shelf surface. It can improve the shelf surface finish and form a dense and complete passivation film on the shelf surface, which can effectively extend the storage shelf service life.

First, put the acid paste on the storage shelf surface, the film thickness is approx 0.5-2mm, then wait for 3-10 minutes of reaction time. When the ambient temperature is below 0 °C or the rust is thicker, extend the waiting time appropriately. It is best to brush it several times during the treatment. After the surface oxide scale is completely removed, rinse it with water (lime water or alkaline water will be better), can avoid re-rusting.

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