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How To Prevent Warehouse Racking Collapse

- Mar 12, 2019 -

The collapse of the shelf not only affects the normal storage of the warehoused goods, but also brings the warehouse management safety accident, which has a great impact. How to avoid the shelf collapse from the source?

1. Choose the shelf with excellent quality and arrange the shelf layout reasonably.

According to the warehouse management requirements, when selecting the storage shelves, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements of the two aspects. According to the characteristics of the goods and the quality of the shelves, it is necessary to select the appropriate bearing capacity, life and safety according to the weight of the stored goods. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to Comparing the shelves, picking out shelves with reliable quality and stable performance, and can not be overloaded during the application process, especially the high-level shelves to prevent overload.

2, Choose the appropriate storage auxiliary equipment, layout safety fire

The use of anti-collision barriers; the use of shelves or the blockage, avoiding the trays will fall down, causing serious consequences; for the safe distribution of personnel must be timely and in place, but also to implement, the safe use of the shelf system needs to be improved . The height of the material plane stacking height should not exceed 2.5 meters to prevent dumping and injuring people; the goods on the storage shelves should be checked regularly for stability, and the high-altitude objects should be placed to injure people; during the loading and unloading process of the forklift, the goods should be operated according to the characteristics of the goods. Sliding down and hurting people, as well as the correct and safe use of equipment.

3, Daily maintenance inspection and normal maintenance

Storage shelves are made of metal raw materials, have a certain load-bearing strength, and withstand the pressure of the goods. Storage shelves do not need to pay attention to the appearance, the shelf is more focused on quality and use time. I believe everyone knows that any product has its own lifespan. If it is used beyond this limit, it will be particularly easy to cause a variety of problems. If it is not taken seriously, it will most likely cause personal safety problems.

The above three points are some of the problems that we need to know when we choose the storage shelves. The storage shelves can meet the storage and storage needs of the enterprise warehouse to a certain extent. It is the key to rationalize the use of the shelves. The shelves can not only help the factory, but also help. Enterprises save a lot of unnecessary expenses, can manage warehouse goods more orderly, and greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse entry and exit. Therefore, the use of storage shelves and daily maintenance pay attention to it, and it can also reduce a loss problem for enterprises.

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