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Is The Holes In The Shelves Are Just For Good

- Dec 30, 2017 -

Do not know the purchase of the shelves of users have not found, different shelves above the hole type is not the same. Recently, customers have called to ask us this, the shelves above the hole type just to look good.


First of all, we have to say that the presence of these perforations is to allow easy docking between the beams and the columns, so that the shelves can be easily disassembled and flexible. The general interval between holes and holes is 50mm, and the height of the shelves is arbitrarily adjusted in 50mm units. Above is the biggest function of the hole existence. The market on the shelves of different manufacturers of the regular column on the shape of the hole is also different, then there are now shelves on the main pillars of what kinds of holes, and what difference.

At present, the main holes in the market are diamond-shaped holes, butterfly hole, caret hole, trapezoidal hole, bean sprouts hole, such as several holes, the current rack column specific use of which hole shape, and there is no express and related industry standards, is generally each shelf company according to their own production technology and technology to determine what shape.

Butterfly-shaped hole as its name suggests its shape is more like butterfly wings, the advantage of the butterfly hole is that the installation is simple and flexible, the connection of the card makes the shelf more firm in stability, generally used for medium-sized shelves. Diamond hole can be combined with the reinforcement of the column card, the loading of the column card and the column will be pressed tight, can prevent the shelf sloshing, the disadvantage is that the installation of no other hole shape convenient and flexible.

The shape of the hole for the name of the figure inverted, generally common in heavy-duty shelves, installation is more convenient and fast, the card connection may be more than one card hole, the design of the space-saving, the stability is also improved, the design of the column card can maximize the load-bearing capacity, so generally used At the same time, some columns will also increase the circular hole, increase the circular hole can increase the connection convenience, adds the circular hole to enhance the shelf stability, the disadvantage is affects the shelf load capacity.

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