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Is The Pallet Rack A Heavy Shelf? What Is The Relationship Between Them?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

In general, large warehouses will achieve high-level storage of goods by installing shelves. In the storage shelf type, we often confuse pallet shelves with heavy-duty shelves. In fact, although they are similar, strictly speaking, they are different. So, is the pallet rack a heavy shelf?

pallet racking_副本.jpg

Pallet racks, as the name implies, are shelves that use a variety of pallets to realize storage. Another accurate name for pallet racks is the beam-type rack, which is defined from the perspective of the structure and material of the rack.

Commonly the pallets which used on beam shelves are wooden pallets, plastic pallets and steel pallets. Pallet racks usually use the location to calculate value, which is one of the important elements of the offer. On a large scale, pallet racks are a type of heavy duty rack.

Heavy-duty shelves can be said to be the abbreviation of heavy-duty shelves. This type of industrial shelf has formed many types in the long production trade use. Heavy-duty shelves are divided by the overall load-bearing capacity of the shelves, that is, related to the materials produced by the shelves.
Heavy-duty shelves generally include beam-type shelves, mezzanine, cantilevered racks, mold shelves, and dedicated shelves for cold storage. Heavy-duty shelves have high material strength and are heavy in their own weight. They can be customized and have strong loading capacity.

In normal times, what we call heavy-duty shelves basically refers to the pallet racking. This kind of shelf is one of the main products of KINGMORE RACKING. The structure of the pallet racking is very simple, easy to combine and reconfigure, and the installation is very convenient. Different strength steels can be used to produce shelves for different goods storage, and are one of the products that are popular among customers.
The output of high-quality products of beam-type heavy-duty shelves will generally go through many stages such as planning and design, material selection, installation and commissioning. It is necessary to cooperate with both parties to achieve the most ideal results. Customized heavy pallet racks choose KINGMORE RACKING.

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