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Kingmore AS/RS Storage System

- Apr 05, 2018 -

In recent years, automation and intelligence have become more and more popular. Whether it is a specific product or a conceptual one, it seems to be easy for people to resonate. However, all solutions must be based on reality in order to obtain more perfect results.


Automation can make full use of the vertical space of the warehouse, and its storage capacity per unit area is much larger than that of an ordinary single-story warehouse (usually 4-7 times that of a single-storey warehouse). At present, the world's tallest warehouse can reach more than 40 meters, with a capacity of up to 300,000 cargo spaces. Since all or most of the warehouse operations are mechanized and automated, on the one hand, they can greatly save manpower and reduce labor costs. On the other hand, they can greatly increase operational efficiency. However, at the same time, automated stereoscopic warehouses have their own difficulties and relatively complex solutions.


1. Due to the complex structure of the automated warehouse and the relatively large number of ancillary equipment, the infrastructure needed for the early period and the investment in other equipment are also relatively large. This is a big problem for many companies.


2, Automated warehouse system, integrated high-end shelves and automation equipment and integrated control systems. Among them, for storage shelves, the installation accuracy is high, the construction is difficult, and the construction time is relatively long.


3, In the storage of goods, due to the three-dimensional warehouse for the bulk of the cargo handling capacity is very strong, there is a certain limit on the type of goods. Those goods with many types and less are dominant, while others have no advantage in terms of cost. Separate storage systems are needed for the storage of long, large, bulky goods and goods that require special storage conditions.


4. The overhead cranes and automatic control systems of automated three-dimensional warehouses are high-tech equipment and require high maintenance. Therefore, they must rely on suppliers so that they can receive timely technical assistance in case of system failure. This enhances the dependence on suppliers.

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