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- Apr 04, 2018 -

The modern enterprise operation believes that warehousing is an important part of daily operations. How to make the warehouse play a greater role, make the warehouse alive, and increase the efficiency, this should become what the company is pursuing and is doing. We believe that in order to achieve good results and achieve intensive management, the following points may need to be achieved instead of simply expanding the storage space.

First, in the storage, strengthen the management and distribution of personnel. Different people all have different abilities in working and doing things. As a manager, it is necessary to vary from person to person, to arrange different people in different warehouse locations, so that they can play their part in different aspects of storage.

Second, your warehouse needs to configure more scientific storage equipment. We found that in the warehouses of some companies, the cargo space was simply placed on the floor tray and piled up. And these products are more suitable for using storage racks to store, wasting a lot of upper three-dimensional space. We helped customers design scientific solutions and created shelves that are more suitable for their products. As a result, most of the goods are placed on shelves and tagged at a glance. This is a great advantage of the shelf. We are always working hard for the convenience of our customers.

Third, whether or not the warehouse has been scientifically planned is one of the keys to determining its storage efficiency. For warehouses that directly affect the flow of goods, scientific planning is particularly important. Large warehouses need to do this, and small and medium-sized warehouses must do so, or a pile of goods are placed at random, there is no special place for placement, so it is difficult to improve the efficiency of the allocation of goods, and it is easier to mess up the goods, with the wrong goods. Of course, according to the production situation of different companies, the value attributes of different goods, and the management configuration of different warehouses, it is necessary to have a choice of scientific planning, and to do a good job of special goods and flexible matching for each region.


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