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Light Duty Storage Shelves

- Jan 08, 2019 -

Light storage shelves are classified as one type of storage shelves, shelf type. It is distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelf. According to this principle, the storage capacity of light storage shelves in all storage shelves is small. Usually the shelf carries 150kg/layer (the shelf load is mostly calculated in terms of the carrying capacity of the layer).


Light storage shelf:


Light storage shelves are very economical and practical. A warehouse shelf is often called a light storage shelf because of its light weight. The shelf is composed of three components: a column piece, a beam, and a laminate. The light storage shelf is generally designed with no screw combination, and it is convenient to disassemble the equipment. It is suitable for storing some small and light goods, which is a kind of laminate shelf. The structure of the light storage shelf is the same as that of the medium-sized one. It can be dismantled and disassembled at the same time. The height of the layer can be adjusted freely at a distance of 5cm. The material standard is relatively small and the carrying capacity is relatively small. The light storage shelf is relatively economical. The universal angle steel shelf should be stable and reliable. It can carry 100-200kg in the span of 1500cm. The surface is spray-treated, beautiful and regular. Applicable to the storage of light and medium-sized items, manual access.




Light storage shelf features:


1, Fully assembled structure, free combination, equipment, open and easy to use.


2, Shelf material optimization, a variety of pipe selection, forward bearing capacity.


3, The board has a choice of wood and steel, the height of the column is provided with a 50mm conditioning hole spacing, which can be used according to the height of the product.


4, The surface treatment is selected for polishing, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spray treatment, can be sprayed according to the customer's specified color, with beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean and so on.


5, The capital investment is small, widely used in warehouses, shopping malls and other storage needs.




Scope of application:


1. It is usually used for small and medium-sized parts and light goods storage. The single-layer load-bearing is preset within ≤ 150kg.


2. Mainly for manpower, craft handling, storage and picking operations.



Kingmore Racking is a modern enterprise which incorporates product development, design, production, sales and service. We continue to introduce advanced foreign technology and design concept, and constantly improve all-round integrated services capabilities, such as overall planning of storage system, design of experiments, profiles rolling, sectional material rolling, surface spraying, installation and debugging.


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