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Push Back Rack

- Mar 25, 2018 -

Push-back rack is evolved from pallet-style shelves, also called press-in racks or push-in shelves.

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The push-back shelving uses a combination of rails and pallet trolleys. The track has a degree of gradient (about 3°). Using the weight of the cargo, pallet goods are stipulated for single-end storage. The goods are advanced and come out, suitable for the storage of goods with large quantities and less varieties.

It has a high space utilization rate, the access is also more flexible and convenient. The total depth of shelves should not be too deep, generally within 7 tray depths. Otherwise, it will waste a lot of space because the tray trolleys are embedded in each other. Generally, the weight of single-carriage goods is within 1500kg, the shelf height is less than 6m.
This kind of system has a high requirement for the manufacturing precision of the shelf, and the cooperation between the tray trolley and the guide rail is particularly important. If the manufacturing and installation accuracy is not high, it may easily lead to poor operation of the shelf system.

Such racks are expensive to construct and are ideally suited for use in cold storage areas or areas where the storage area is limited but need to increase the storage area. There are many applications in the country.
Shelf features

1. It consists of typical structural parts such as pallet trolleys. The pallet truck has flow characteristics. The goods are regulated at one end of the shelf and follow the order of advanced back and forth.

2. When storing and transporting goods, the forklift only works at the lower level of the shelf channel. No need to enter the shelf cargo storage channel. Such shelves have the typical characteristics of high storage density and fast storage and transportation speed.

3. It is usually used in places where the storage space is extremely limited, but it is necessary to increase the storage capacity or have time requirements for the goods.

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Working principle

When pick up the goods, the next tray will automatically slide to the pick-up point once the first tray is taken out. Effectively using a single channel for access, especially for the storage and management of the goods transit area. Compared with ordinary shelves, push back rack can increase the use rate of about 60% of the ground.

Push back rack have higher safety and operating efficiency than drive-in racks. Commonly, the push back rack with equip with the reach forklifts and counterbalanced forklifts, it requires less forklift operations than drive-in racking.

It is suitable for goods with less varieties and large quantities and advanced after-work operations. Suitable for the warehouse like freezer which need to improve the space utilization situation.

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