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Radio Shuttle Racking System Is A High Density Storage Racking System

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Radio shuttle racking system consisting of shelves, shuttles and forklifts, it is a high density storage system, can improve the utilization of warehouse space. The radio shuttle racking system refers to a system that shuttles forward and backward on a specific rail in the racking, the table can be raised or lowered to lift and lower the pallet goods, then return the pallet goods sequentially to its position. The shuttle car is powered by a radio remote control and an on-board battery to provide battery life. Use four wheels to walk forward and backward.

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Shuttle rack features

1. To achieve the highest densty storage of pallet cargo, significantly reduce the cost of construction of the warehouse.
2. The goods are first-in-first-out, first-in-last-out optional.
3. Remote control operation, no need to enter the racking, high efficiency.
4. Anti-seismic performance is much higher than the drive in rack.
5. Compared with drive-in racks, press-in racks(push back rack) and gravity racks, the overall cost is lower.

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Applicable occasions for shuttle racks

1. Pallet storage
2. Each lane stores the same item
3. Shelf height is limited by the height of forklift operation
4. In and out at both ends or at one end (first in first out or first-in-last-out)
5. Powerful competitors for rolling shelves, push back rack, and drive-in rack
6. Suitable for cold storage

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Main functions for shuttle racks

1. Single pallet access;
2. Automatic pallet access;
3. The specified number of pallet access;
4. Checking, sorting and changing of goods storage location;
5. Goods are first in first out or first-in-last-out;
6. Low battery alert protection - automatic return to starting point;
7. Fast charge.

Shuttle racking system features

1. The structure of the shelf is reasonable and stable;
2. Shelf can be designed with large depth and storage density;
3. Under the same conditions, there are many types of forklifts;
4. Optional features, easy to operate;
5. The shuttle car has certain requirements for the unitized packaging of the goods;
6. At this stage, shuttle buses have higher costs and different standards.

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