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Regular Pallet-type Shelves

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Pallet-type shelves, also known as beam-type shelves, or cargo-type shelves, are usually heavy-duty shelves. It is the mainstream storage shelf system in the market. Pallet-type shelves are suitable for a wide variety of small-volume items, as well as for a wide variety of large-volume items. It is most widely used in high warehouses and ultra-high warehouses (especially in most automated warehouses).

Pallet-type shelves are divided into drive-in rack and gravity racks.

drive in rack.jpg

The layer heights of the drive-in rack can be adjusted freely. Equipped with various types of forklifts and pallets, forklift can directly enter the storage area of each shelf to access pallets. It is suitable for accessing large quantities and small varieties of goods. Drive-in rack can make full use of the warehouse area.

gravity rack.jpg

In gravity racks, the shelf lanes are designed to have a certain slope. Under the action of gravity, the pallet will slide from the incoming end to the delivery end, and the pallet is first-in-first-out, suitable for large-volume, low-variety goods, with high space utilization.

pallet rack.JPG


1. The pallet-type shelf has a large span and a high load capacity. The span (length) of the pallet rack is mainly determined by the size of the pallet, and generally one shelf can hold two regular size pallets. If a single pallet is particularly large (more than 3 tons), then only one pallet per layer can be placed.

2. The pallet-type shelf structure is stable. Due to the high load bearing requirements of pallet racks, there are special requirements for the stability of pallet racks. Pallet-type shelf feet must be installed with ground expansion screws to ensure the stability of the pallet rack.

3. Pallet racks do not require laminates. In general, pallet racks only need to be installed with the pallet support on the beam, 2pcs pallet support for each pallet location is enough, which can maximize cost savings.

4. The number of pallet rack layers is flexible. It can be determined according to the available height of the warehouse, the height of each pallet and so on. The bottom shelf can be used without beams, and the pallet is placed directly on the ground.

5. Pallet-type shelves have high utilization rate, flexible access, and if combine with computer management or control. Pallet-type shelves can meet the requirements of modern logistics systems.


Pallet shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers, and are suitable for a wide variety of small-volume items as well as for a wide variety of high-volume items. Pallet racks are most used in high-bay warehouses and ultra-high warehouses.

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We have passed ISO9001:2008 certificated in 2012, CE certificated in 2014, and all of our products comply with AS4084-2012 standard, American RMI standard and FEM standard. 

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