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Shelf Industry Application: What Kind Of Shelves Can I Use For Auto Parts Warehouse?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

China is one of the countries with the largest number of cars in the world. The birth of a finished car involves the supply of many parts. The production and storage of these parts requires standardized storage and warehouse shelves. So what type of shelves are usually used in auto parts warehouses?
There are many types of car fittings and accessories. Each accessory needs to match the shelf according to its different attributes, quantity and storage mode. In general, warehouse shelves for auto parts products include: beam-type shelves, mezzanine racks, stacking trusses, and the like. These shelves basically meet the needs of automotive production and the products produced by various suppliers.

The large frame structure of heavy-duty beam shelves makes them an important choice for storing car tires. Car tires are generally placed vertically on the beams of each floor of the shelf, and can be directly stored on the shelves without the need for pallet assistance. Heavy-duty beam shelves are also one of the storage devices for other auto parts products. These products are packaged in cartons in advance, then placed on pallets on each shelf, like the normal cargo storage. Since the car accessories are relatively sophisticated, you need to pay attention to the details when storing.


Mezzanine is also one of the mainly types of shelves for auto parts warehouses. Since the mezzanine have a combination of platforms and shelves, it creates a rich storage space. Large, flat, irregular fittings can be placed on the platform, and more regular products can be placed on the shelves. The layered structure of the mezzanine racks allows for the maximum utilization of the warehouse space, making the limited warehouse more useful.

In addition, stacking racks can also be used to store car accessories. At present, it mainly used to place automobile tires and carry out uniform stacking of certain types of tires. Such regular storage is very clean and the space is intensively utilized, which is convenient for batch management.

pallet racking system (2).jpg

Company has different scales, warehouse storage sizes and the warehouse environment are different too. When selecting shelves, it needs to be determined according to your respective situations. It is necessary for you to work with we manufacturers together to find a best storage solution for your warehouse.

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