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Shelves Can Not Be Placed At Random

- Jan 23, 2018 -

The biggest function of the shelves is to classify and store a variety of goods, a part of the warehouse managers think that just casually placed shelves, as long as can store a variety of goods can be, in fact, is not such, a variety of different shelves in the layout is related to the future of the operation is convenient, a variety of operating station equipment is convenient access, these are needs to be designed in the early, do not agree to the sale of goods suitable for different storage shelves, the same goods with different shelves are different display effect.

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Especially in large-scale warehousing environment, heavy storage shelves and pallet racks are essential. Heavy-duty Storage shelves: The use of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet by roll molding, the column can be up to 6 meters and no seams in the middle, the choice of high-quality square steel, load-bearing capacity is large, not easy to deformation, the beam and column between the hanging pieces for the cylindrical bulge inserted, reliable connection, easy disassembly, and the use of locking nails, in case of forklift work will be the beam provoked; all shelves of the surface by pickling, phosphating electrostatic spraying process, anti-corrosion rust, beautiful appearance. Suitable for large warehouses.

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Pallet shelves to store modular pallet goods, with roadway stacker and other storage and transportation machinery for operations. High-rise shelves use the whole structure, usually by the steel plate welded shelves (with pallets), through the horizontal, vertical levers and beams and other components to join. Its side clearance 6, considering the original location of the cargo parking accuracy, stacking machine parking accuracy, stacking machine and rack installation accuracy. At present, the use of free combination, easy to dismantle and move, according to the height of the item push code, arbitrary adjustment of the position of the beam, so heavy storage shelves and pallet shelves with the collocation can be called adjustable pallet shelves.

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