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Steel Platform Installation Knowledge

- Mar 09, 2019 -

1. The discharge platform should be equipped with a limit card.

2. The resting point and upper drawing point of the steel platform must be located on the building and must not be placed on the construction facilities such as scaffolding. The supporting system must not be connected to the scaffolding.

3. The concrete beam plate of the steel platform resting point shall be embedded and connected with the bolt of the platform.

4. The horizontal angle between the wire rope and the platform should be 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

5. The beam-column of the upper part of the platform should be checked for tensile strength to ensure the safety of the building and the platform.

6. The platform can be lifted by tower crane. The retaining ring should be used when lifting the platform. The hook should not be hooked directly to the platform lifting ring.

7. When the steel platform is installed, the steel wire rope should be hung with special hooks. When adopting other methods, the buckle should be no less than 3, and the cable corner of the building should be lined with soft cushions. The steel platform should be slightly higher. On the inside.

8. The left and right sides of the steel platform must be fixed with a railing and a dense mesh safety net.

9. When the scaffolding is set up, the position of the steel platform should be reserved. The poles of the scaffolding on both sides of the platform should be strengthened by double poles.




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