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Storage Shelf Planning Method And Storage Principle

- Feb 09, 2019 -

The storage shelf planning method; one is to effectively use the warehouse space, and the other is to promote the flow of goods. Although the surface of the warehouse space is used for storage, it is actually a relay station for the procurement, distribution and distribution of goods. Therefore, the warehouse is the central hub for cargo storage and transportation. Therefore, the effective use of storage shelves is the focus of efforts by enterprises and logistics centers.

The planning of storage shelves, first of all, first classify, understand the direction of storage shelves, and then evaluate their weights in all aspects, evaluate the weight ratio and then design. If the warehouse space is limited and planning changes cannot be made, it is necessary to find ways to maximize the utilization of existing storage shelves.


The principle of storage of storage shelves:

1. Keep it facing the channel. It is convenient to make the goods out of the warehouse and easy to operate in the warehouse. The basic condition is to keep the goods facing the passage.

2, Effectively use the storage space as much as possible to the high place, improve storage efficiency. To prevent damage and ensure safety, use appropriate storage shelves.

3. Select the location based on the frequency of the inbound and outbound. Goods with high frequency of entry and exit should be placed close to the entrance and exit, easy to work; goods with poor liquidity should be placed far away from the entrance; seasonal items should be placed according to seasonal characteristics.

4. Keep the same species in the same place. In order to improve work efficiency and storage efficiency, the same or similar items should be kept in the same place to improve the efficiency of storage.

5. Select the placement according to the weight of the goods. Put the heavy items on the lower layer and put the light on the upper shelf. Large cargo that needs to be handled manually is placed at the height of the waist. This improves efficiency and ensures safety.

6. Place the custody method according to the shape. Managed by shape, the marked goods are placed on pallets or shelves for storage.

7, According to the principle of first in, first out. For goods that are prone to deterioration, easy to break, easy to be corrupt, and easily degraded and deteriorated, the principle of first-in, first-out is adopted to speed up the turnover.

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