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Structural Features And Characteristics Of Drawer Storage Racks

- May 27, 2018 -

Drawer racks are also called mould racks. They are shaped like drawers and their use is mainly for the storage of special abrasives and other goods. As a special form of shelf, drawer shelves play an important role in the use of a special range of storage activities. These effects are mainly determined by the structure and use characteristics of such shelves.


mold rack_副本.jpg


1. In the basic structure of the shelf, the assembly of drawer shelves, mainly by the column, guide slot, drawer, tie rods, positioning pins, etc.

2. The drawer trays that control the main activities of drawer shelves are mainly composed of slide rails and drawer trays. The drawer tray is composed of a frame and steel plate welded by a rectangular tube and a bending piece.

3. Each slide of the drawer shelf is fixed up and down by two bearings, so that the track can be oriented and rolled in the guide groove. This kind of structure has less resistance to movement and can easily pull out the “drawer” on the shelf.

4. For safety reasons, positioning pins and limiting pins are designed on the drawer tray of the drawer shelf to ensure that the drawer tray does not slide out when it is withdrawn, so as to avoid safety accidents.

5. Each single drawer shelf is connected with bolts, which is safe and reliable, and the structure is stable.

6. The use of drawer shelves greatly facilitates shelf storage of special products such as abrasive steel tools. In the abrasive design and manufacturing and special processing industry has played an important role. In the custom-designed shelves of the manufacturers, the drawer shelves can be optimized to use more efficiently and safely.




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