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The Specific Application Of Shuttle Car Racking System

- Apr 21, 2018 -

The shuttle car racking system relies on the characteristics that the shuttle car can stack itself in the rack track, the depth of the pallet cargo can be designed as much as possible, and different items can be stored in each unit. According to different categories and batches, the stored goods can be stored in large quantities in order to facilitate warehouse management.

Shuttle racking system can be designed according to the length and width of the warehouse, arranged the cargo direction along the flow line. Using the depth advantage of the shuttle car racking system, the design is for one end to enter the goods and the other end to ship (so called first in first out). Therefore, when the goods are out of the warehouse, the travel distance of the forklift can be greatly reduced, the efficiency of the goods entering and leaving the warehouse can be further improved.


Considering the features and functions of the shuttle car racking system, it has relatively obvious advantages in terms of large storage capacity requirements, large batch size and quantity of goods (SKU), and high warehousing and storage efficiency, so in the fast moving consumer goods industry, cold The raw material warehouses of the chain warehousing industry, food and beverage industry, medicine, tobacco and other industries, especially production companies, have strong applicability.

AS RS.jpg

At this stage, automated warehouses have become a hot spot for the development of modern warehousing. Automated warehouses have been further developed. If the shuttle car only uses the forklift to complete the access operation, the the radio shuttle racking system is only a semi-automated logistics system, its automation degree is not high, and the corresponding staffing is not greatly reduced.

There are many projects that use shuttles to build automated storage systems (AS/RS). Using the configuration of the shuttle car and the stacker to communicate with each other, equip with the warehouse management system, constitute a shuttle AS/RS. This solution can not only reduce the number of stacking cranes and roadways in traditional automated warehouses, but also make greater use of height and depth of space, thereby increasing warehouse utilization and reducing system investment.

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