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The Use Characteristics Of Medium Duty Shelving In The Manual Picking Shelf Type

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Medium duty shelves are modular shelves consisting of columns, beams and panels, it is bolted type only. Beautiful appearance, is the type of shelf commonly used for manual picking. The load can reach 200-400 kg per level, suitable for most manual picking products.

The medium duty storage shelves can be freely adjusted up and down in 50 mm steps for easy access by operators. Medium duty shelves generally do not exceed 2 meters in height direction, but if you use climbing equipment, the shelf height can reach up to 3 meters. Medium duty shelves can be used individually or in a variety of arrangements.


The medium duty shelves are easy to install and disassemble, the whole shelves are not bolted. The main shelf and sub-shelf can be connected very stable.


The top and bottom of the shelf are connected by beams and the columns are connected by safety pins, the frame is composed of a bracing and columns. The panel has a large loading capacity, the maximum load can reach 250 kg/layer.

The surface of medium duty shelf is spray-coated and the color can be customized. Medium duty shelves are beautiful and durable. Medium duty shelves can be 3 meters high, each layer can load 350-800kgs, generally, the column size is 55x47mm.

The beam of the medium duty shelf is a special cold-rolled P-type closed beam, which has the characteristics of high reliability, light weight, strong bearing capacity and low cost.

The beam of the medium duty shelf is equipped with a specially designed safety pin to ensure that the beam does not fall off under external force. The panel can be made of plywood or steel panel. The thickness of the panel and the number of supports determine the bearing capacity of each layer. It has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement and low maintenance cost.

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