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The Warehouse Racking Classification

- Oct 08, 2018 -

Warehouse shelves are mainly divided into the following types

1: beam type racking

Access is fast and convenient, ensuring that everything is first-in-first-out, no forklift type restrictions, can realize faster pick-up speed, space utilization 30%-50% (determined by forklift type).

2: drive in rack

High-density storage, first-in-first-out, with regular pick-up speed, the space utilization can reach 60% of the entire warehouse.

3: Gravity shelves

Ideal for high-density, high-efficiency storage of goods, with a free access design, it can reach high inventory turnover rate, fast access, the space utilization can reach 60% of the entire warehouse.

4: mezzanine racking

Mezzanine rackings are supported by shelves for floor support. They can be designed as multi-storey floors (usually 2-3 floors), with stairs and cargo lifts, etc., suitable for high warehouses, light goods and manual access. The hoist and hydraulic lifting platform are used in the case of large storage.

5: cantilever racking

Suitable for storing long and irregular items, such as various pipe hoses and steel plates.

6: Electronically controlled mobile shelves

Each set of shelves can be individually moved on the track by electric (mechanical) drive, and one channel can solve the operation of 6, 8, 10 or more shelves. Press the button to drive the shelf and open the desired channel.

heavy duty racking.jpg

The following are classified by load:

1: light duty shelving

Plug-in combined structure, standard group plug-in, without connecting bolt, easy to disassemble, super-strong closed steel laminate structure, layer height can be adjusted every 50mm, the maximum load per layer is 150 - 250 kg.

light duty shelving.jpg

2: medium duty shelving

The medium duty shelving adopts the structure of beams and deckings, usually can carry 300-500kgs. The beam has various specifications of sections, the structural parts can be freely assembled and disassembled, the height of the layer can be adjusted by every 50mm.

medium duty shelving.jpg

3: Heavy duty racking

The structure of heavy duty racking is combined with the beam and the column. The single layer can load 1-3 tons, it can store the pallet directly, it can also use the decking to store smaller goods. This racking can be freely disassembled and assembled, usually the height adjust pitch is 50mm, 50.8mm, 75mm, 76.2mm.

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