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Three Major Factors Affecting The Safe Use Of Warehouse Storage Racks

- May 23, 2018 -

Unlike civilian shelves and storage racks, warehouse storage rack, whether used in warehouses of production companies or logistics centers, generally carry a large amount of goods, realize three-dimensional, high-level storage, and provide basic services for production and logistics.. How to ensure the safe use of storage shelves is a major issue related to production and distribution. The following three factors that we will discuss will affect the safe use of storage shelves



1.First, the impact from the previous design.

Design is a prerequisite for production, and it is also one of the prerequisites for installation and use. The rigorous and rational design and the ability to coordinate the use of factors in all aspects are related to the safe use of storage shelves. The design of this area generally refers to these aspects:

(1) Fully evaluate the requirements of the shelf itself in terms of strength, stiffness, and stability. Refer to related standards for design;

(2) Fully consider the height and width of the shelf and the connection and stability of the warehouse building;

(3) Fully consider the physical and chemical characteristics of the stored goods on the shelf.

2.Second, the safety factors from the shelf manufacturing process:

The manufacturing stage is related to the quality of the shelves, the user's experience, and the brand's impact on the product. It is also one of the important factors that affect shelf safety. It is embodied in:

(1) If the material specification is inconsistent with the design, it will lead to the weakening of structural capabilities, resulting in potential safety hazards;

(2) Insufficient treatment of the painting process of the shelf, such as peeling of the patent leather, or affecting the internal structure;

(3) The accuracy and details of the manufacturing of the shelves were not handled properly, resulting in a lack of closeness of the links between the shelves of each group and other links, and the occurrence of safety problems.

3.Third, security issues during the installation and use progress.

The general structure of storage racks is relatively large, and there are more convergence problems in various parts, requiring the operation of professional installers. If it is not done well, it is easy to happen. For example, if the verticality of the column is not enough and the angle is not enough during the installation of the shelf, bad handling may adversely affect the entire shelf. In addition, the installation of safety accessories, etc. on the shelves is not standardized or in the wrong place, which will weaken the protective effect and be detrimental to safety. Improper operation of warehousing personnel when using the shelves may also result in the safety of the shelves. For example, super-reloading, strong collision of shelves, etc. may cause the shelves to be displaced or deformed, thereby affecting the safe use of the shelves.



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