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Warehouse Goods Stacking Methods

- Apr 16, 2018 -

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When warehouse have big storage requirements, tile storage will waste a lot of space. How to stack, with what kind of stacking method, will produce the corresponding effect, some people use the shelves, in addition to this, is there any other stacking methods?


1. Stacking with shelves. Using shelves in warehouses, often give people fresh and smooth feeling, the whole access would be more efficient and fast. In the use of shelves, if the warehouse floor, the freight yard ground load capacity are ok, we should consider as far as possible to use the vertical space. According to the commodity performance characteristics, equipment conditions, we will carry out technical transformation actively, and strive to design and production of both economic convenience and the full use of rackings.


2. Cargo stack. This stacking method is applicable to goods (such as boxes, bags, drums, bags, etc.) that have been packaged or not packaged commodities (such as steel). The performance of the product is different, the specification is different, the packing is various, the shape is diverse, so the stacking of the cargo stack is more form.


3. Bulk pile method. The bulk method is suitable for all kinds of commodities, such as coal and pig iron, which are stored in the open air without packing or need to be packaged. The number of open storage goods accounted for more than 70 of the total warehouse inventory.


4, "55" to the method. "55" is based on the "five" as the basic unit of calculation, according to the shape of materials into a variety of different stamping methods. Each stack is a multiple of "five", its advantage is to facilitate the inventory of goods, look at the number, improve efficiency and effectively reduce inventory errors.



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