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Welcome To Our Booth W2 E1-3 In Shanghai CeMAT ASIA 2018

- Nov 07, 2018 -

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Exhibition criteria

Handling storage equipment:

Cranes, crane matched lifting equipment, storage systems, racking systems, storage technology, combined lifting equipment, lifting platforms, factory equipment workshop equipment, manned vertical lifting platforms, pallets, bins, continuous mechanical material handling equipment, monorail conveyors, continuous machinery Material handling equipment accessories, industrial doors, industrial vehicles, forklifts, attachments and cleaning systems for warehouses and storage facilities, driverless transportation systems, shelf access equipment, manual handling vehicles, general storage supplies, drive technology components, hydraulics, pneumatics , lifts, elevators, escalators, mobile platforms, railcars, lifts and elevator accessories, accessories for all mechanical material handling equipment.

Packaging picking and loading technology:

Warehousing and shopping mall packaging equipment, automotive tailgates, weighing equipment and measuring equipment, loading platforms and boarding bridges, packaging and order picking systems, bulk loading equipment, containers, ro-ro ships.

Handling traffic function:

Integrated conveyor system, road transport vehicles, commercial vehicles and ancillary equipment services, logistics turnkey systems, rail transport vehicles, integrated supply chain management systems, railway transport equipment, robotic material handling systems, ships, road maintenance equipment, three-dimensional parking garages And parking equipment, traffic control technology and systems, integrated traffic management system.

Internal material systems and software logistics services and outsourcing:

Material flow and internal logistics computer management systems, logistics management, identification technology, automatic identification systems, internal logistics sensors, transportation logistics, application software and solutions for internal logistics and transportation logistics, logistics and internal logistics services, professional division of internal Logistics and transportation solutions, logistics integration, system services, electronic logistics services, consulting, planning, financial management and project management services, maintenance services, publishing houses, associations.

Relevant information

The Shanghai International Logistics Technology and Transportation Systems Exhibition (CeMAT ASIA) was organized by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) China Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The exhibition is held once a year, and this exhibition is also a very important platform for foreign companies to open the Chinese market.

The Shanghai International Logistics Technology and Transportation Systems Exhibition (CeMAT ASIA) attracted 435 exhibiting companies and the number of merchants reached 30,000. The exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, which covers an area of 34,500 square meters.

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