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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of High-rise Storage Shelves?

- Feb 07, 2019 -

Many people don't know much about high-rise shelves. For high-rise shelves, many people may think that storage shelves are relatively high. But in fact, this statement is not entirely correct. High-rise shelves are a major component of automated warehouses (AS/RS) and high-bay warehouses. This is where the material is stored. Converting a flat space into a three-dimensional space is the best choice for modern warehouses. The following sections explain the advantages and disadvantages of high-bay warehouse shelves.

First, the advantages of high-rise storage shelves

(1) In foreign countries, its height is generally defined above 10m, and some as high as 30m, the height of the shelf can be adjusted. The use of a three-dimensional warehouse greatly increases the storage capacity per unit area of the warehouse. Some domestic units have also started construction, and some of the three-dimensional warehouses currently in use are as high as 18m. The material transportation of such warehouse shelves is very fast, because such warehouse shelves, the warehouse is equipped with a complete set of loading and unloading machinery, the shelves can be disassembled and adjusted, and the elevator can continuously work up and down through a plurality of lanes to pick up any one of the shelves. Therefore, it is often used in some material distribution center warehouses.

(2) At the same time, in the high-rise warehouse, the storage, storage and delivery of materials are automatically memorized by the computer. It can check the inventory in time and arrange the purchase plan according to the inventory. Avoid backlog. There is no fixed position in the warehouse materials. According to the computer memory, where there is space, where is the nearest, the computer-controlled lifter is stored or extracted. Warehouse modernization has become a reality in some economically developed countries. Of course, this is a relatively high-demand warehouse equipment, which can be said to be the development direction of modern warehouses.


Second, the shortcomings of high-rise storage shelves

(1) The requirements for the warehouse site are high, the floor of the warehouse must reach a certain height, and the position of the load-bearing column is more convenient for the installation of the shelf; for the facilities supporting the warehouse, the high-level inventory must use the stacking machine to enter the cargo system. Or an expensive forklift type;

(2) The increase in the number of storage shelves increases the storage capacity, but it is accompanied by high maintenance costs and strict operation at all times to prevent accidents.


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