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What Are The Advantages Of Applying Smart Storage?

- Jan 11, 2019 -

Compared with the traditional warehousing and equipment system, the intelligent warehousing equipment system has an unparalleled advantage. Listen to the kingmore racking for you to analyze:


(1) Elevated storage, saving land: In China, where the current “land kings” are frequent, land has become a scarce resource. How to maximize the use of limited land has become a goal that some companies strive to pursue. The intelligent warehousing equipment system uses high-rise shelves to store goods and maximize the use of space, which can significantly reduce the cost of land. Compared with ordinary warehouses, general intelligent warehouses can save more than 60% of the land area.


2) Unmanned operation, saving labor: In China, where human resource costs are increasing year by year and demographic dividends are gradually disappearing, intelligent storage equipment systems can achieve unmanned operations, which can not only save human resources, reduce labor costs, but also better Adapting to the needs of special environments such as darkness, low temperature and toxic, the intelligent storage equipment system has a broader application prospect.


(3) Machine management, avoiding losses: The intelligent storage equipment system uses computer for warehouse management, which can record and monitor the data of the inbound goods, and can achieve “first in, first out” and “automatic inventory” to avoid natural aging of goods. Deterioration can also reduce losses caused by broken or lost goods.



(4) Synchronization of accounts, saving money: The intelligent warehouse equipment management system can achieve account synchronization and integration with the enterprise intranet. Enterprises only need to establish reasonable inventory to ensure smooth production process, thereby greatly improving the company's cash flow, reducing unnecessary inventory, and avoiding the wrong accounts caused by human factors, missing accounts, bad debts, inconsistent accounts, etc. problem. Although the initial investment in the intelligent warehousing and equipment management system is large, the long-term benefit of one investment can achieve capital savings in general.


(5) Automatic control to improve efficiency: The goods in and out of the warehouse in the intelligent storage equipment system are automatically controlled by the computer, which can quickly and accurately transport the items to the designated location, reducing the waiting time for the vehicles to be unloaded, and greatly improving the warehouse. Storage turnaround efficiency reduces storage costs.


(6) System management, enhance image: The establishment of intelligent warehousing equipment system can not only improve the system management level of the enterprise, but also enhance the overall image of the company and its position in the customer's mind, win a bigger market for the enterprise, and then create Greater wealth.


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