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What are the advantages of smart shelves compared to traditional shelves.

- Jan 09, 2018 -

The intelligent shelves are developed on the basis of traditional shelves, which integrates the characteristics of intelligence, automation and networking, which makes the efficiency of warehouse management more high. The intelligent shelf which mainly consist of three types: Automated Storage/Retrieval System, Radio Shuttle Rack and Electrical Mobile Rack.

With the advancement of time, intelligence and network penetration is higher and higher. Intelligent manufacturing in the process of carrying out intelligence activities, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, thinking and decision-making. By working with humans and intelligent machines, to expand, extend and partially replaces human labor. The intelligent application to the shelves, making the shelves saves a lot of manpower in the use process.

Radio Shuttle Rack add guide rails and shuttles to traditional Drive-in Rack. Shuttle car inventory and get back on the guide rails, forklifts only need operate at two ends of the shelf. This not only eliminates the channel, making full use of limited space storehouse, but also save a lot of homework, makes operations much more efficient.

AS/RS adds conveyor lines and control systems and other supporting management system to traditional racks. This kind of rack completely eliminate human, some can even make warehouse closed management. AS/RS is the highest automated, intelligent and networked smart shelves of all shelves currently.

Electric Mobile Rack is also a kind of intelligent shelf, it needs to bury rails on the ground, and then connect one row or two rows of rack into a whole, finally control all racks by control system.

In summary, we can see that compared with the traditional shelves, smart shelves not only can make warehouse space more efficient, but also save a lot of manual labor, making warehouse management more efficient. For these reasons, more and more customers start choosing smart shelves.


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