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What Are The Aspects Of Warehouse Storage Rack Quality?

- May 27, 2018 -

Storage racks are one of the more important equipment for warehouses. The shelf should not only be easy to use, but more importantly, it should be of good quality, be free of potential hazards and be used for a long time. Storage shelves are used in many cases for short-term or long-term storage and turnaround of industrial products. The quality of the shelf is not high quality, and it is directly related to the stored products and the safety of managers. Usually in the custom shelf, from what aspects to determine the choice of shelf quality is more comfortable?



1, From the shelf material. The storage shelves used by general manufacturers are mainly made of cold-rolled steel profiles. Such materials are in line with the national standards. Although the prices will be high, they will be more cost-effective in the long run. This is generally not easy to distinguish, there is a reliable manufacturer more confidence.


2, From the shelves of the structural section and so on. The column is one of the main components supporting the load bearing of the shelf. The bending of the column section is more and more uniform. The more the shelf is bent, the more even the structure is better. Look at the connection between the column of the shelf and the beam, etc. Is it not a standard? The beam is better and more effective. The cross beam of the shelf depends on the inner side of the hook of the cross beam to have close gaps with the side surface of the column so that the structure can be stable and be durable and durable.


3, From the shelf surface treatment process point of view. The surface treatment of the shelves is related to the ability of the shelves to be used in various environments, such as moisture, uncertain environments, and the ability to withstand the surface of the shelves. The treatment of the shelf surface, such as painting, should be evenly in place, and the standard must be dealt with in detail. There should be no omission in the place where the treatment is performed. It can be easily tapped with a hard object when inspected and it is easy to fall off, indicating that the shelf is susceptible to rust.


4, Welding process. Shelves are tools that carry all kinds of goods and are welded together by various parts. Welding needs to follow certain standards, so that it is tightly welded, the welding is even and full, and the welded part must not be missed.




The above is the general method to determine the quality of storage shelves is good and bad, of course, there are many other methods. In the case of Kingmore racking in Nanjing, the more reassuring standard is the selection of a manufacturer of custom shelves, which is crucial for buyers who are not very professional. Can not make a single judgment in terms of price, etc., but from a variety of aspects such as service, design, field communication, and online evaluation to choose a good shelf supplier. In this way, it can be more effective to make the shelves made with quality assurance.

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We have more than 30 sets of rolling production lines, many sets of welding robots and 4 sets of full-automatic powder coating lines. We have been concentrating on racking products for more than 15 years. Our products are widely used in many industries, such as machinery,electronics, automobile, pharmacy, electricity, garment and so on.



Our products includes: Pallet rack (beam rack), Drive-in rack, Radio shuttle rack, Push back rack, Cantilever rack, Mezzanine, Steel platform, Live rack, Carton flow rack, Medium duty shelving, Light duty shelving, Drawer rack, Movable archive shelving, Work apparatus etc.




We have passed ISO9001:2008 certificated in 2012, CE certificated in 2014, and all of our products comply with AS4084-2012 standard, American RMI standard and FEM standard. 



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