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What Are The Differences Between Drive In Rack And Shuttle Racks?

- Jan 09, 2019 -

Both shuttle racks and drive in racks are intensive storage facilities. In the current warehouse logistics equipment, these two types of shelves are widely installed in bulk product warehouses, production processing industries. They can be used in e-commerce warehousing industry and cold storage warehousing. Kingmore racking is pleased to introduce you to the difference between shuttle racks and drive in racks:


The stability of the drive in rack system is weak in all types of shelves. For this reason, the rack should not be too high, generally within 10m. In addition, a lifting device is required. This kind of system has dense shelves and high space utilization. It is suitable for storing small quantities of large quantities of the same type of goods. The goods can be stored and removed from the same side, or can be taken from one side to the other side.


1. Drive-in racks are also known as corridor-style shelves or through shelves.


2. The forklift can be driven into the storage pallet in the roadway.


3. The access mode is first-in-last-out or first-in-first-out: from the same side to the advanced and then out, from one side into the other side for the first-in-first-out.


4, Can greatly improve the space utilization.



The shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system consisting of shelves, trolleys and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and provide customers with new storage options! Features of shuttle racks:


· High-density storage with high warehouse utilization.


· High work efficiency and greatly reduced job waiting time.


· Flexible operation mode, the access method of goods can be first-in-first-out, first-in-last-out.


· High safety factor, reducing the collision between the shelf and the forklift, and improving safety and productivity.


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Shelves are stored in different ways. The through-shelf is also called the drive-in rack. As the name suggests, it needs to manually drive the forklift into the interior of the racking lane to access the goods. The shuttle racks are different. In the shuttle rack work, the goods only need to use the forklift. They are transported to the front end of the shuttle rack and placed on the shuttle waiting here, which can be stored by automatic operation.


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