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What Are The Important Components For Selective Pallet Rack?

- Mar 26, 2018 -

For decades, selective pallet racking has been a popular and effective storage method in warehouses, production facilities and distribution centers, due in large part to its ease of design and implementation. As easy as it may be to install some frames and beams and call it a day, it’s also important to evaluate the need for pallet supports or wire mesh decking and to decide which is best for your application.

1. For upright and frame:

There are 28 kinds upright size specification. They are 80*60, 85*67, 90*70, 100*67,100*95, 120*75, 120*95 and 140*95. They will be chosen according to your load capacity and requirements.

立柱 1_副本.jpg

2.For beams:

The two beams that make up a storage level work hard to keep your pallets up in the air but those beams alone are often not sufficient to keep your loads safely elevated. While the beams themselves are sturdy and supportive, the air between them is not. A weak, damaged or misused pallet could crack, splinter or otherwise fail without additional support between the beams. An undersized or misplaced pallet could fall between the beams.

There are 8 American style step beams, 4 kinds 40 face box beams, 9 kinds 50 face box beams, 4 kinds box step beams. They will be chosen according to pallet load capacity.

upright and beam 1_副本.jpg

3. Pallet support bar:

One way of providing more sufficient support for your pallet is to use pallet support bars. Typically, two pallet supports are used per pallet position, but more can be used depending on the load capacity of the pallet. These pallet supports sit in or on the load beams to give the pallet more of a support structure to rest on. This can help with a less than perfect pallet or less than perfect pallet placement on the beam level. We have I type, H type and type.


4. Wire mesh decking:

Wire mesh decking is an upgrade over pallet supports and can be used successfully in almost any selective pallet rack application. Wire mesh decking consists of two components: support channels, which rest on the load beam and provide structural support much like a pallet support , and wire mesh, which provides additional coverage to create a complete shelf between beams.

wire decking 21_副本.jpg

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